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  • Boum Boum

    “One of America’s more disgusting decisions”, yeah, along with bombing Hiroshima, Nagazaki, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, invading Haiti, Granada, having Salvador Allende and Patrice Lumumba assassinated, supporting the Contras, arming Indonesian dictactorship as well as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, occupying Okinanawa, torturing people at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.

  • Nathan

    George Takei is great; he doesn’t forget where he came from and is an excellent representative both for the LGBT and the Japanese-American communities.

  • sharon falconer

    @Boum Boum: 1,000% right, sadly.

    George T. is a mensch.

  • Squibeaorjaoeitt

    Boum Boum –




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