Gunning For Trouble

German Football Club Punished For Fans’ Vaguely Funny And Totally Homophobic Banner


Bayern Munich is being hit with a partial closing, sanctions and a fine after fans displayed a homophobic banner at a recent match.

While playing Arsenal, some fans of Bayern Munich held up a banner which depicted someone about to take a cannon up the bum (seems painful) and changed Arsenal’s nickname of the “Gunners” to the “Gay Gunners.”

How very clever.

Bayern Munich’s fans probably thought they were being funny (and perhaps giving Black Party promoters some ideas for 2015) but the Union Of European Football Associations was not laughing.

After photos of the banner were heavily circulated on social media, the team was fined roughly $14,000 for “discriminatory behavior” and will be forced to close the entire section of the stadium where the banner was held for the next match.

We don’t know about that banner, but someone definitely ended up getting pounded here, now didn’t they?