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  • edgyguy1426

    cue AndrewW….

  • Cam

    Remind me to switch to Progressive insurance.

  • christopher di spirito

    GetEqual: a surer bet than the Human Rights Campaign or the DNC.

  • wondermann

    prepare to be bankrupt in that stock

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @wondermann: Your lack of understanding of what stocks are could not be a better tableau for the anti-Get Equal crowd.

  • edgyguy1426

    Congratulations, GetEqual, for the great 6 page Advocate story.

  • AndrewW

    Finally, the scrutiny of GetEQUAL has begun.

    Now, they’ll have to answer questions and provide some evidence that they are helping us – not hurting us. It seems the consensus in the LGBT Community is that their stunts are counterproductive and increasingly dangerous.

    Jonathan Lewis has a very smart Father, but like GetEQUAL he believes in public displays of insanity and high-profile pissing on our friends with no regard for decades of work by dozens of organizations and thousands of sincere advocates.

    Who knows, maybe just like Robin and Kip he wants attention, too. I have no other explanation.

    GetEQUAL has been laughed at and ridiculed. That hasn’t helped us.

  • Travis

    In honor of the recent, inaugural Harvey Milk day, I’m going to remind you all that some of Harvey’s most compelling, inspiring words were about HOPE. In order for a movement to be powerful, or effective – in order for us to win, we had to have HOPE. Because without hope, we give up.

    I don’t think anyone is giving us that hope. Everything that’s started cropping up in the last few months: the GetEqual demonstrations, or QueerRising actions, or any of the angry heckling and protest-arrest-theater; there is nothing hopeful in that. There is only desperation – the violent thrashing of a people “betrayed” (or simply let down) by those they had considered their friends – the violent thrashing of a people who realize, as November approaches, the hour has already passed.

    Read Harvey’s HOPE speech again – we cannot rely on ‘friends.’ This is something that we have to do ourselves. But in our current vacuum of hope, a vacuum which falls at least as much on the shoulders of GayInc as it does GetEqual, our community does not have hope. Our community is not inspired by the potential of a real victory and a better world. Our community does not believe that HRC’s backroom handshakes with the administration will get us any further than GetEqual’s on-camera middle fingers. Those yellow brick roads don’t lead us to Oz, and the vast majority of LGBTs know it on an instinctual level.

    We have to bring hope back into the conversation, and we can only do that on our own, through our relationships with the people we know. Hope doesn’t come from scheming, and it doesn’t come from screaming. It doesn’t (sustainably) come from friends in high places. It can only come back through honest conversation and understanding.

  • alan brickman

    Waiting for your “friends” to dole out equal rights….this is sad…..Start marching already!!!!!!

  • alan brickman

    Maybe Travis and Andrew can serve some drinks or chop some firewood for their masters while they’re “waiting” for their equal rights….cause waiting is all that’s goning to happen…..

  • alan brickman

    Larry Kramer is right…start marching already!!!!!!

  • alan brickman

    Maybe Glaad or HRC can wash their cars too…..

  • counterpoll

    Let’s not forget the powerful effects the actions of Black people sitting down at a whites’-only Woolworth’s counter and refusing to leave, many years ago.

    I still personally question GetEqual’s hunger-strike as an effective tactic in the repeal of D.A.D.T., but I may be proven wrong.

  • JamieMcG


    I’m not sure why I even bother, but I’m still waiting to see this “Consensus” and “The majority of” the gay community that disagrees with the tactics of GetEQUAL that you keep talking about.

    I can’t help but imagine you sitting in your parent’s basement, surrounded by stuffed animals and Barbie dolls referring to your surroundings as the “gay community.”

    As I’ve said to you on other blogs and you’ve ignored…the recent push for the DADT repeal was clearly not something that came about from the organizations you support throwing another black tie affair. In my (and many other members of our community’s) opinion, the administration, the pentagon and Gay Inc., was perfectly happy to wait until after the midterms before any action was taken on DADT at all. GetEQUAL, along with partner groups staged several protests aiming at DADT Repeal and POOF! A repeal being pushed hard through the legislature.

    Change is happening and GetEQUAL is part of that. You can continue to surround yourself with your stuffed animals and scream at those fighting for your rights, or you can put that energy into actually doing things that will advance our rights. Bitching about one anothers’ tactics is stupid and pointless, but you seem to pride yourself on not only attacking GetEQUAL, but claiming you are the voice of the community as if your imaginary “most of” and “consensus” were anything more than the voices in your head.

  • JamieMcG


    The hunger strike has absolutely nothing to do with GetEQUAL, FYI. As has been said by Lt. Choi and Jim Pietrangelo, this action is being done independently of any organization.

  • alan brickman

    It’s been 30 years since Stonewall…where are those equal rights again?????

  • counterpoll

    @JamieMcG: Thanks! Sorry that I’d misunderstood who was doing what. I won’t blame anyone except for myself. (I wonder if I was the only person who made that error in assuming Get Equal was involved?)

    AndrewW has multiple sock-puppets to keep him company, so no need to worry about him!

  • JamieMcG

    @alan brickman: It’s been 41 years since Stonewall, 30 years since HRC was founded and 23 years since ACT UP was founded. And the steps towards equality have been existent, but incremental and slow. GetEQUAL and the likes are full of people who are tired of having their rights put on the back burner. In my opinion, it’s about time someone stood up and started demanding a little expediency.

    Obama apologists love saying “well, he’s got a lot on his plate right now…” and you know what? He’s the President…he’s ALWAYS going to have a lot on his plate. Are my rights only to come about when he has a little extra time to play Wii? My rights are just as important as the two wars we are in. My rights are just as important as the BP oil spill. And my rights are a hell of a lot more important than the mid-term elections.

  • Kevin T.

    I see the dozen supporters of GetEQUAL are busy flagging.

    Jamie McGehee: If you’re going to suggest that GetEQUAL has forced any “action” on DADT – tell us how? I agree with what most people have said about your stunts – they are embarrassing and childish.

    GetEQUAL is distancing itself from Dan Choi? What, is he too crazy for GetEQUAL? No kidding.

  • Cam

    No. 7 · AndrewW
    Finally, the scrutiny of GetEQUAL has begun.

    Now, they’ll have to answer questions and provide some evidence that they are helping us – not hurting us. It seems the consensus in the LGBT Community is that their stunts are counterproductive and increasingly dangerous.

    AndrewW the last time I asked you to provide proof of this supposed consensus in the gay community against “Get Equal” you pointed me to a small, personal blog, with very few hits, with one person ranting about them.

    As for them providing evidence that they are helping. How about HRC and the White House coming out earlier saying that a DADT repeal would not be done this year…and now having the first steps of one passed. If Get Equal has done nothing but, according to you, piss off our friends and turn them against us, why have we had the only movement we’ve ever had with DADT occur when THEY were pushing for it and HRC and the White House were not? I get you don’t like them, but you can’t just make something true by repeating it over and over.

  • Pitou

    Jesus H. Christ.
    Everyone just loves to bitch, don’t we?

    I’ll add my 2 cents.

    HRC does nothing but entertain at black-tie galas and tea & scones with the Pres.
    HRC wanted NOTHING to do with the Equality March until they realized DC was about to be bombarded with hundred of thousands of Gays, then they tried to figure out ways to gain some credit.
    HRC said NOTHING about the lack of progress on anything until the actions of GetEqual began to put a spotlight on the frustrations felt by MOST of the LGBT community.

    I understand the insider-importance of HRC, and can appreciate their cultivation of certain relationships with lawmakers, But I do not appreciate their lazy way of accepting crumbs while never publically DEMANDING what we seek. Sometimes even “friends” can disagree and have an argument, which is exactly what the LGBT community needs from the all mighty “Gay, Inc.”. We want to see them argue the importance of our rights. They do it in an inside voice as to not disrupt “The Man” and then send you an email looking for money.

    HRC is never going to be one to upset the powers that be, and therefore are never going to fully achieve their/our goals. 30 years and what do we have out of their multi-million dollar a year operation? Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes was won by the 11year dedication of his Mother, Not HRC.

    Not one single Civil Rights movement was won by playing nice and accepting crumbs and just saying “Oh well, maybe next year”.
    HELL NO. They were won because people got angry. They got frustrated. They took to the streets to DEMAND the rights they were persuing. Riot if they must. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and god-damn it, were fucking HUNGRY!

    GetEquals actions may be embarrassing to some, but its usually the outspoken ones, unafraid to upset the establisment, who usually make far more head-way in opening eyes then the Big-Gay Orgs sitting quietly in the corner with the dogs.

  • edgyguy1426


    “I can’t help but imagine you sitting in your parent’s basement, surrounded by stuffed animals and Barbie dolls referring to your surroundings as the “gay community.” Jamie I think you owe me $ for a new monitor because when I read this I spewed coffee all over mine, I laughed so hard….

  • Jonathan


    I knew Jonathan Lewis when I lived in Miami. He’s quite selfless and a good person. My first boyfriend was one of his friends, and I wasn’t the least put off by Jonathan, he was very polite and level headed.

    I admit, some of the tactics that GetEqual uses are discomfiting, but don’t drag Jonathan Lewis throught the mud. He doesn’t deserve it.

  • Jason

    @Jonathan: Why he PAID for it? Jonathan Lewis gave these misfits the money to act like spoiled brats. he is pissed off at politicians so he is simply trying to embarrass them. That’s easy. beating them, well that would be hard. It would require thought. But, hey he has a right to be lazy, too.

  • Jamie McG

    @Kevin T.: Hey Kevin T./AndrewW – You’ve made the mistake of using the same adorable nickname for me here as you did on another site, making it pretty obvious that you do indeed have multiple personalities/names. Can we just make it simple and refer to you as Sybil?

    You’re still stuck on this “most people” idea, which again may be you and the stuffed animals in your parents’ basement, but I digress…And I think I made, and others have made it clear in their responses that HRC and the White House very clearly said that DADT was being pushed off until after the midterms…I mean…after the “study” was completed. Can you name a more vocal group leading the way against that strategy than GetEQUAL? Can you name ANYONE who has pushed for that to happen? And yet somehow it happened.

    And for the record, GetEQUAL is not at all distancing itself from Dan Choi, All I said was that the hunger strike was announced by Dan Choi and Jim Pietrangelo as having no affiliation with any group. Is your My Pet Monster telling you not to believe that? If so, listen to the My Pet Monster, he’s got fangs.

  • Cam


    Oh, I’m sorry, was that supposed to be proof of this massive consensus in the gay community against Get Equal? You may want to (how many times must I say this) put up a link to something that gets more than 3 or 4 comments on each posting. If you dissagree with them, thats fine, but you can’t just go around saying that the gay community doesn’t support them.

  • edgyguy1426

    @Jonathan: I don’t think your comment was for me. I’m totally down with what GetEQUAL is doing. I believe there is room for many arms of the ‘movement’

  • AndrewW

    @Cam: GetEQUAL has scheduled several rallies and protests. Except for those being paid, nobody showed up. That’s your evidence.

    GetEQUAL is being avoided, not supported.

  • JamieMcG

    @AndrewW: Hey AndrewW/Kevin T., just wondering if it was your Raggedy Andy doll or your Strawberry Shortcake doll that told you GetEQUAL was paying activists to show up to rallies and protests…I wouldn’t listen to Shortcake. The bitch LIIIIEEEES.

    In all seriousness though, your attacks on this great grassroots activist organization are a bit silly when you decide to start making things up off the top of your head. I mean, you’re kind of proving yourself to be the teabagger of the gay movement. Maybe you should accuse Robin McGehee of being born in Kenya – it works for the birthers, why not you?

  • JamieMcG

    @AndrewW: First of all, you’re failing to respond to ANYONE’s questions about why you’re making things up and why you are looking to a blog with absolutely NO information about ANY problems whatsoever as some kind of “smoking gun” against a group who is fighting for YOUR EQUALITY. Secondly, you also keep failing to respond to people’s questions about what it is YOU are doing to promote and work towards our equality?

    Answer us AndrewW/Kevin T. What is it that you are doing to fight for equality, other than attacking the actions of a grassroots group whose tactics you happen to disagree with? Please enlighten us. or maybe you can ask your Holiday Barbie…she seems to always have the answers.

  • Jason_Activist

    I still think demanding is the answer. Maybe GetEQUAL has screwed up, but they had the right idea – take to the streets and DEMAND our equality.

    We won’t be equal until we confront those who disrespect us and make them uncomfortable. Keep it up. Louder. Meaner. Stronger.


  • jeffree

    @JamieMcG: Save yourself some heartburn. AndrewW & his sock puppets are here to lecture, not to converse. He answers questions by repeating him self.

    He demands evidence that any organization prove success. Fair enough, but success can’t be measured in the short term only the longer term.

    AndreWW denies, discounts and downplays how history works.
    He doesn’t understamd that successful civil rights movements have relied on multiple strategies: activists (direct and indirect action), lobbyists, analysts, PLUS mobilzation of allied groups and winning over more & more of the general population, & sometimes international pressure, too.

    His own strategy, however is failing.

    He is very vocal about what he hates/ disagrees with but gets oh so vague on what he offers as better alternatives. He & his puppet collection hit & run at multiple blogs per day and their reponses are about the same as ours. Thumbs down, arguments. His is a hit & run strategy.

    It makes me sad he doesn’t realize that his own tactics are failing. A smart & tenatious (sp?) guy like him could do some good if he learned from his mistakes.

    To his credit, he doesn’t deny the existance of his 9+ sock marrionnettes!

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