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Getting Sand in Your Crack With Sydney’s Drag Queen Flash Mob

Aren’t flash mobs sooo 2008? Yes, but we’ve still got to give props to drag queen Joyce Maynge, who gathered a few friends at Sydney’s Bondi Beach for some Dolly, Spice, and Deborah fun in the sun.

Indeed, a little more lively than this University of Cincinnati flash mob for marriage equality:

(Thanks, Jonathan!)

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  • scott ny'er

    i love flash mobs but they are done so often, you have to be really creative to stand out.

    so, a flash mob on a beach. Yeah. that’s different. And it looked fun and cool. So I give this 2 thumbs up. Good show you Aussies!!!

    the other one. Well, standing still flash mobs are cool as well. but it has been done.

  • James Davis

    I think this is what heaven must look like. Love this.

  • Andrew

    AGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH – the flash mob at Bondi has made me soooo homesick for Australia and having fun on the beach – alas its not going to happen in Denver!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    I was attacked 3 times in Sydney and Oxford Street has gotten much worse! The Gay Scene is moving to quieter King Street, Newtown. Back then it was skinheads and yobbos, now it’s Meth-heads, Junkies, Westies, Immigrants and Cops!

  • simon

    Sydney’s gay scene is sad and tragic. It’s dominated by drag queens, skinny meth-heads, and sauna loiterers.

    Then you’ve got the guys who work out at the gym to get a six pack which they can wiggle around on the dance floor.

  • Michael Letterman

    I love it and I’m sure most people thought it was lovely camp in Oz and confused the crap out of people in Cincy.

    Oz gets dancing and fun with ‘Freaks on a Beach’

    What was the point of Cincy’s queers putting duct tape on their primary sexual organs… their mouths?

    What I got out of it was silent unmoving queers who like to play statue are gonna get ya. OOOOOoooo more scary than zombies.

    Am I close? Ya know I am.

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