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Give Florida Rep. Alan Grayson a Hug: The Simple Explanation Of Racism, Homophobia, and America’s Extremism

[flv:http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/04/realtime.grayson1.flv http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/04/grayson1.jpg 650 400]

New federal lawmaker Rep. Alan Grayson, the attorney and Florida Democrat, is quickly becoming one of our favorites. Not only is he a Republican party crasher (seriously, ZOH-MY-GOD!), but on Friday’s Real Time, he managed to explain the relationship between America’s gay community and America’s Tea Party movement. Exhibit A: Ellen DeGeneres.

Mostly challenging the views of co-panelist Matthew Continetti (author of The Persecution of Sarah Palin, ahem), Grayson spells out what’s so obvious, by what so few people will say: Much of this “unrest” in America — which, let’s remember is cyclical, and happens every time a single party secures majority power — has to do with the sense that straight white men are losing their grip on being the all powerful demographic. Exhibit B: Arizona’s immigration law.

“This is the death rattle of racism in this country,” says Grayson. “That’s why you’re seeing it in Arizona … because Arizona’s 10 or 15 years of becoming a majority-minority state. … The forces of white Christianity are fighting back.”

Scroll to the 5:25 mark in the clip above to where we get to Ms. DeGeneres, and that insta-infamous Family Feud incident (where a team’s father says Ellen hates her country, and the audience applauds), which Grayson notes is “not bizarre. … It’s the sister to racism, calling ‘being homophobic.’ … I have never heard Ellen say anything political. I don’t even know what her political views are. She was in Finding Nemo, and she played a character in Finding Nemo that couldn’t remember anything that happened more than a year ago, so I figured maybe she was a Tea Bagger.”


[flv:http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/04/realtime.grayson2.flv http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/04/grayson2.jpg 650 400]

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  • Mickey Mouse

    Grayson rocks!

  • CHIP1218

    God Bless Bill Maher! I have yet to not enjoy an episode of that show. And that new Florida Dem Congressman stole the show…guess he won’t be invited onto Fox News anytime soon!

  • Caine

    When it comes to Grayson… Would a republican ever defend us and be politically involved so progressively? No, even though Meghan McCain would like us to think otherwise.

    Rep. Grayson is a real democrat. We will only find support and success with democrats like him, period.

  • james_in_cambridge

    Alan Grayson is an amazing man and amazing politician. Fearless is the only word for him. I hope to God he’s planning on running for the Democratic nomination in 2016 on 2020!!!!

  • james_in_cambridge

    ….gah! y’all know what I mean. 2016 or 2020. I swear I’m not drunk.

  • Jonathan


    You are exactly right. We need Democrats with a pair. For too long we’ve had Michael Dukakis who was such a limp dick, and his clones, Grayson appears as a shining beacon of hope.

    The area he comes from is very Republican, but also very gay. He’ll be re-elected. He’s intelligent, I gave him money, more out of sympathy as I grew up not too far from his district and I know how crazy that area in Florida is.

  • Kieran

    If Rep. Alan Grayson were truly “fearless” he would have had the strength of character to vote against the latest Congressional sanctions against Iran last week. Those sanctions are nothing more than another ominous step towards yet another aggressive War against Muslims in the Middle East. But the Whores in Congress got their orders….. and 400 + of them bent over and spread their ass cheeks.

  • delurker

    @Kieran: Eh, they can’t all be perfect. He gets under the already thin skin of assorted ‘baggers and Repukes, so that’s all good.

  • Ronbo

    Why should we wait so long to get a Democrat into the Presidency? I’d like to see that Republican Obama replaced with someone who doesn’t just mouth Democratic ideals. I want someone who will take action.

    War in Iraq – continued
    War in Afghanistan – continued
    Bank welfare – continued
    Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – continued
    Extraordinary Rendition – continued
    Torture – continued
    Electronic Eavesdropping – continued

    You have to search long and hard to tell the difference between Bush and Obama. Think about it…before you repeat what the idiots on TV tell you what to think.

  • delurker

    @Ronbo: are you a paultard?

  • Ronbo

    No, I use rational thought. Logic and reason are important. Am I wrong on ANY account? Don’t be a fool and repeat what the media tells you! Think for yourself – Obama is why the Democrats are sinking so fast. The latest poll shows the Republicans are surging in intensity while Democrats are lagging. It’s because Obama refuses to take Action. Words are nice; however, he doesn’t seem to support Democratic policies. His health care plan is a direct rip-off of the Romney Corporate plan. THINK for YOURSELF. Don’t be a tard.

  • Ronbo

    Didn’t Obama SAY he wanted a Public Option? Then Obama pressed the Seanate to omit the public option. Obama said (twice) in the State of the Union that he would end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Then in typical Obama fashion, he blocked action on DADT in the House. Obama ran for office with the policy that the environment was too important to increase offshore drilling, then Obama presented his energy policy – including offshore drilling!

    Someone save us from this poser! He says everything we Democrats want to hear, then he takes the opposite steps. As FOX call him a socialist, he marches into the fascist territory.

    Help Grayson end this mess – Grayson for President in 2012!

  • JD

    @Ronbo: I think I must somewhat agree. His actions of “change” was to flip to a Republican during his one and only term. This will be his one and only term, and I could also see him going down in history as this nations worst President, even after G-Dub. Sad, but halfway through and his balls-o-change have long since retracted and now he walks around with his head up his ass. The man doesn’t stand a chance of getting a damn thing done after November, and you’ve all seen the progress made thus far in respect to most of his promises as a candidate. I think the opportunity to call this Presidency a total FAIL is right around the corner…if not already here.

  • Richard Riker

    Read this article and you’ll know why Al Grayson will be voted out of office this November, thereafter being known as “One Term Grayson”. His views on important matters are jaded and controlled by his Progressive Democratic Party. I don’t think he’s actually had a thought of his own in the last year all he has been is a sycophant for the Progressives. You know, the Progressives, the people that want to rewrite the Constitution and redistribute money from those that earn it to those that don’t. Sounds like that Marxist slogan “To each according to their needs, from each according to their ability”. Al’s total lack of representation is the reason conservative Republican Patricia Sullivan will defeat him this November. She has the ethical,and moral strength of character to represent the people of the 8th District.

  • Gail Marie Florida

    Such a waste of Time, these two, Allan and Bill are so afraid to talk to a “Tea Party Person” they toss the word Bagger out there. Real Funny Boys, HAHA HA …you would not know a tea party person because most have Principles, morals and values, not so much in your crowds. Grow some spine and invite a real Tea Party person to tell you how we feel, stop making stuff up about people you don’t know. Allan has a group of Tea Party people calling and protesting because they can’t talk to him direct. We can’t replace you yet Bill, But Grayson’s days are numbered. We are gonna VOTE HIM OUT in 2010 !!! Because WE CAN !!

    Go Patricia Sullivan for Congress in 2010

  • delurker again

    Richard and Gail are pair of think skinned teatards whose skin he clearly got under.

    He’s gonna win and continue poking you tea party swine in the eye. Enjoy. :) :)

  • tjr101

    @Gail Marie Florida: @Richard Riker:

    Talk about desperation, trolling a site like queerty to campaign for your right-wing bigot of a candidate.

    Anyway, there is a need for more Democratic candidates like Grayson. He stands for fairness for all Americans. What he stated concerning the Ellen Degeneres/family feud incident couldn’t be more true.
    Democrats need to grow a spine and tell it like it is.

  • JC

    The Tea Party Movement is relevant and that is what drives these liberal dems crazy! They know it is not just 100’s strong or thousands strong. It is millions of people strong and the politicians are scared to death as well they should be.
    Do you people here care anything about America at all? You with your (D) and (R). It took the Founders grueling months to write the Constitution. They researched other forms of government and consulted the history books of many other ways of life. They chose capitalism because it gave people the most freedom. There’s a reason Castro and Chavez love this administration people. Use your brain that God gave you and the common sense too. Or has this government taken and redistributed that too? The Founders of this country wanted people to dissent when the Government got too big. They warned us against letting the government get out of control. It is our obligation to clean up this mess. These people gave it all up for us to enjoy our way of life. It is not perfect, but it’s a hell of lot better than any other country on earth. It is disgraceful to see the bitter hatred that is spewed on the Tea Party Movement not just by the likes of you and celebrities, but our own President and elected officials as well. Look at the words you use to describe them. All because regular Americans are standing up to this corrupt government. And believe me brother, it is decades in the making and has nothing to do with race and they know this, but they must use the “race” issue to divide us all. Can’t you all understand this? Or are you just so stuck in your ideology to find the truth? People that can’t think for themselves are the ones who end up following narcissist people such as Jim Jones, David Koresh, and yes, Alan Grayson. Think for yourselves. Search for the truth.
    It doesn’t matter what words you choose to describe this movement, their numbers keep growing and they will take it to the polls. Make no mistake about it.

  • delurker

    Teatards are all former and current Republicans. You simps are a right-wing conservative movement. It’s funny you abject fools think governent banning the odious practice or recission is tyranny, but a show-me-you-papers-law in clear violation of the 4th Amendment (the Constitushun!) is liberty.

    You people are authoritarian scum who are only angry you lost an election.

  • tjr101

    @JC: By posting that link at the end of that long ramble you’ve defeated the purpose. Your just another campaigning right-wing hack that claims to “love” America.
    The teabaggers are all about racism, classism and homophobia. They want “their America” back.

  • Matthew Uncontinetti

    What a twerp Matthew Continetti is.

  • Dax

    Homophobia is not the “sister” of racism. What is he talking about?

  • FreddyMertz

    Thumbs up Mr. Grayson!

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