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GLAAD Nominates Atlanta Journal-Constitution For ‘Outstanding’ Use Of ‘Transvestite,’ Ignoring Pride

We’ve already noted that all it takes to get a GLAAD Media Award nomination is to spit out some piece of gay-related content of middling quality, which explains why GLAAD gave Burlesque the only award nomination it’ll receive — not counting its bribe-y Golden Globe nomination — besides its Razzie. But how does that explain GLAAD’s “Outstanding Newspaper Overall Coverage” selection of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a newspaper that has both ignored Atlanta’s LGBT Pride celebrations (among the largest in the state and country) as well as the community at large, notes GA Voice. Oh, and then there’s AJC‘s use of the word “transvestite” in an article, a practice GLAAD expressly forbids in its style guide. But hey, this is the same Gay Inc. organization that ignored Kirby Dick’s Outrage! documentary exposing anti-gay closeted politicians, so really, the nominating standards are already suspect. If you’re a glass half-full type, then find solace in GLAAD at least having the good sense not to nominate the Washington Post.

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  • Kev C

    She stole your purse. Now she’ll steal your heart and knock your socks off. Transvestite purse snatcher is on the loose.

  • justiceontherocks

    GLAAD seems to be a little past its expiration date.

  • JAW

    OK… I’m confused… when a Transvestite does something bad, we should not warn the world to watch out for a guy in an ugly dress…

    BUT when something BAD Happens to a Trans person, it is important to all to know that a Trans person was harmed (see the story posted about 5 above this one)

    Why the double standard… if it is important to report the orientation when bad things happen to them, then it should be important to report it when they DO BAD Things

  • Kev C

    @JAW: The prefered term is cross-dresser. But the AJC is guessing and Sarah appears to be transgender. She also appears to be a latino, maybe mexican or maybe not. Would it be OK to say “Mexican purse snatcher on the loose”? Bad reporting.

  • thematics

    GLAAD nominated Pam’s and Bil’s blogs for “outstanding blog” plus three others. Queerty didnt get a nom.

    ¿Wonder why?

  • Chapeau

    Talk about out-of-touch with reality — GLAAD needs a wake-up call.

    The AJC does not deserve this recognition.!.

    I hope others will pick up the telephone and let GLAAD know how off-the-mark this is and what a slap in the face to Georgia’s LGBT community this really is.

  • JAW

    @Kev C:

    who prefers cross-dressers??

    is it the same people that prefer… “sex Worker” over Whore or Prostitute?

    They all mean the same…

    The “T-girls” who have a bar night in Philly would not appreciate a name change

  • Kev C

    @JAW: GLAAD prefers cross-dresser when used in the news and formally.

  • JAW

    @Kev C:

    Damn… guess I better change… as an FYI… did you know that GALDD does not have a Trans person either M/F or F/M… nor any cross dressers etc on staff… so I guess they get to talk for all of us, yet they make pronouncements

  • Becky911

    GLAAD is an embarassment and needs to be shut down

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