GLAAD’s Vow of Silence

Loyal readers know that we have two obsessions: the timely Mark Foley scandal and a more storied interest in taking the piss out of GLAAD. Thus, we very nearly shot our journalistic load when we came across this article from The Southern Voice dissecting GLAADS inconspicious silence on the scandal.

Known to raise a stink at the mere drop of the F-bomb (fag, not fuck), the media watch dog group has stayed largely mum on the fall out. According to GLAAD, that’s the point. Ryan Lee reports:

GLAAD’s reluctance to send out action alerts or otherwise draw attention to poor media coverage was to avoid raising the platform of those influencing the poor coverage, namely conservative groups like the Family Research Council, said Sean Lund, director of messaging and communication strategy at GLAAD.

Instead of directly responding to anti-gay rhetoric in the Foley coverage, Lund said GLAAD attempted to convince journalists and producers not to “validate that message by giving it the media platform.”

Right. GLAAD didn’t want to raise the so-called “platform”. Too bad every other media organization, politician, and Brownie troop has gotten in on the action. We imagine GLAAD just didn’t want their precious name to be swept along with all the others.

Though they’ve yet to come out with one of their legendarily long-winded reports, GLAAD insists they’re working behind the scenes to shape media coverage.

“We’ve been very engaged in [the Foley] story since it first broke,” said GLAAD President Neil Giuliano (pictured), adding that the organization focused on making sure journalists had the right information and sources to “delink” homosexuality and pedophilia.

“GLAAD was making sure they had the credible scientific sources to counter all of the anti-gay claims,” Giuliano said.

What? Has GLAAD elevated itself to omnipotent status? We have one word for that: “bullshit.” We invoke the fecally-minded dismissal not because we want GLAAD to start tooting their off-key horn, but because we bet they’re too busy constructing some asinine list of historic gay television characters to really get on this story.

And, honestly, we’re fine with that.

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