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Glee: All That Bullying Finally Proved Too Much For Kurt

So, about last night’s Glee? (Spoilers ahead.)

Give it up for the bullied gays, y’all! (I’m going to completely ignore Kurt planning his dad’s wedding to Finn’s mother.) After last week telling his Glee teach that the school has long ignored anti-gay bullying, Kurt finally has people (like the New Directions! And even Sue Sylvester!) defending him rather than letting closeted gay bully Dave Karofsky torment the queers without repercussions. Though Sue will be calling Kurt “Porcelain” instead of “lady” from now on, so, win? But how adorable was it when the guys got all up in Karofsky’s business in the locker room? (Hello, Sam.) And then Kurt’s dad confronted him in the hallway? Yay for awesome parents!

Even Sue stepped in for Kurt, expelling Karofsky, which is sort of funny because isn’t Sue the school’s biggest bully?

Perhaps too little too late for Kurt, however, who’s looking toward rival Dalton Academy — home to gay mentor Blaine — for his new home. Which next week’s preview totally looks like is going to happen.

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  • Connor

    Maybe now Kurt will become a more likable character – I really want to like him, but he does make it difficult.

  • gleek

    Regarding the preview, it’s awesome that Rachel was telling Kurt to smile; bitchy/jealous Rachel is never good.
    I imagine Will is supposed to look sad or disappointed with Kurt, but he just looks like a disapproving/bitter a**hole in his reaction shot. Maybe I need it make sense in context…

  • Ian

    So is Darren the Dalton schools Rachel, as in a spotlight hog? The two songs we’ve seen so far with the Warblers has him as the only main vocal with everyone else as back-up.

    That said, I’m actually starting just a little bit to like this show. It still has it’s problems but has improved dramatically from the 1st season when it had a problem with multiple bitchy women all out to get various male characters for one reason or another. The characters are now becoming a little more fleshed out.

    Case in point, the Sue Sylvester from season one wouldn’t have been capable of even caring about Kurt or the bullying, but season 2 Sue was awesome when she expelled the bully. I wish I had set my DVR for the ‘Furt’ episode.

  • Ian

    @gleek: I agree with both your comments. I like to think that Will was sad thinking what a complete failure he was as a teacher and his school in failing to protect Kurt, and that he is thriving (so far) at his new school in safety.

  • Eric

    I cannot wait for the next episode. This is going to be a long week!

    And Will just looked bitter.

  • alan brickman

    This has turned into the “Kurt Show” kinda not what i’m used to from Glee….

  • kokobean

    I love my beautiful gays but thank God this man is straight. Im a straight female by the way…LOL

  • Pip

    Is Kurt gonna finally get some nookie now that he’s at an all boys school? ITS ABOUT TIME

  • Chuck

    Kurt is so cute. LOVING Rachael and her supportiveness. Hating Shu and his creepy, scary, nasty expression.

  • Hilarious

    I’ll never understand why people take this show so seriously. It’s not homework, just watch it, and enjoy…or turn the channel. Studying every single episode and dissecting the scenes can’t possibly be fun for anyone.

    This is probably the most complained about show, yet at the same time no one can seem to stop watching it.

  • Dave

    Darren Criss is the greatest thing happening right now on Glee. I smell another number 1.

  • Mike in Asheville

    But what is up with crappy music?

    I mean, I’m a big Carol Burnett fan from way way back junior and senior high (yikes I’m getting so old) but grandma singing, does it really resonate with today’s high schoolers? And last week’s crappy let’s return to the Big Radio days?

    I’ll look forward to next week’s episode simply because there will be at least one fun video “Hey Soul Sister”

  • scott ny'er

    @Dave: I totally have to agree with you. Darren Criss is the one reason why I would watch this show. There is just something about him that screams look at me, watch me, listen to me and hear my story. He’s not model attractive but he’s very hot.

  • hephaestion

    I interpreted Will Shuester’s sad face as one of regret that his school was losing a good and talented kid like Kurt due to his school’s lack of a policy of zero tolerance for bullying & harrassment.

  • Joy

    Disappointed to see the writers shipping Kurt off to an expensive tolerant school, an option most poor bullied kids out in the boonies don’t have. Does nothing to help them see a way through their hell.

  • alan brickman

    The rumour is that the jock will kill himself…Glee please don’t do that…he’s in pain too..

  • E11is

    Its evident that Will was thinking the same thing many should have been thinking, and why Kurt had to be told to smile; his talent is obviously being wasted there.

  • Gabrielle

    @gleek: I thought that was totally awesome and adorable as well. I have noticed this about Rachel in this season, she is really a genuine friend to Kurt and genuinely cares about him, which I find her one and only redeeming quality because otherwise everything she does is totally self centered, heck even when she wanted Sam to win duets, it was more for her own conceited reasons of being able to pat herself on the back for being so self sacrificing in letting him win, there was nothing genuine about it. But her interaction with Kurt seems completely genuine and even more genuine than her behavior towards her boyfriend which also feels like shes starring in her own play with Finn as her opposite and she as the writer, director, star and audience. And yet with all this, the first thing I noticed was her telling Kurt to smile, not mad at him for ditching them, and seeming so honestly invested in his happiness and well being. It actually makes me do a 180 and really like her, if only for a minute, and almost more so because its not just part of her character to be nice, its her genuine honest caring for Kurt that inspires her being so lovable in this scene.

    On a side note, this whole season I feel like song selection and arrangements for the Glee troup has totally sucked, with like 1.5 minor small exceptions, whereas the 2 songs from Dalton have been completely AWESOME, great songs with original and great goosebump giving arrangements, I almost wish the show would switch to the Dalton academy Warblers Glee.

  • scribe

    I don’t like that Kurt is running away and everyone but him is fighting for his right to be. It basically says gay men can’t protect themselves. We are men, just like straight men. We are just as strong and capable. Look at how many gay men and women that serve in the service. I would have loved for Kurt to at least throw a punch,(even though he would have lost), or threaten to out the other kid. TOO much of kurt’s charater is being a victim and I think that sends a bad message. I mean, a kid in a wheel chair has a better chance in a fight than Kurt??? Come-on.

  • scribe

    @scribe: No offense meant to handy-capable people

  • Bruce

    I like Darren Criss and think he’s fine for the part of Blaine — with one important exception. He’s not gay in real life, but a talented, exceptional young straight man who can play gay at work, then go to his girlfriend and screw the gay away.

    I much appreciate all our straight actor friends who have helped pave the way for us in the media, but I think it’s time to take the big leap and select only out and proud gay actors for the prominent gay roles. Like Kurt/Chris in Glee. And like Luke MacFarlane/Scotty in Brothers & Sisters. There’s no reason to keep up this casting charade. It reminds me of old Shakespearian theater where all parts, male AND female, were played by males.

    There’s something palpable and genuine that you can see and feel in Kurt’s and Luke’s acting that Darren Criss and Matthew Rhys are incapable of bringing to it only because they don’t have to walk the talk in real life. My gaydar does not go off and so something important is lost in translation.

  • Constatine

    Kurt’s a coward.

    Moving to another school does not change anything. Must Kurt be reminded that another gay person will take his place and be bullied?


    a) Kurt confronts the bully
    b) Kurt gets harmed by bully and results to a loss of a limb or life and then is brought to the media to raise awareness of hate crime

    Come on producers, show America courage.

  • Constatine

    @Hilarious: @scribe: I thought the same thing. The producers are trying to make Kurt into a victim.

    Give me a break. Give Kurt a backbone.

  • the other mike in Asheville

    @Constatine:If Kurt’s a coward, then you’re a douche.

    The character Kurt is out and proud, and, in fact, he has confronted his bully.

    He makes no apologies for who he is. He is not intimidated into conforming via his wardrobe, his mannerisms, and/or his behaviour. He is honest with family and friends about his life.

    If a kid moves schools in order to spend his days learning, rather than living in terror, there is ZERO shame in that.

    If that’s cowardice, we need more cowards.

  • Kirk

    This show is just one bad sterotype after another. Kurt running away does not help. Only good thing to happen is this hottie Criss.

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