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Glee: All That Bullying Finally Proved Too Much For Kurt

So, about last night’s Glee? (Spoilers ahead.)

Give it up for the bullied gays, y’all! (I’m going to completely ignore Kurt planning his dad’s wedding to Finn’s mother.) After last week telling his Glee teach that the school has long ignored anti-gay bullying, Kurt finally has people (like the New Directions! And even Sue Sylvester!) defending him rather than letting closeted gay bully Dave Karofsky torment the queers without repercussions. Though Sue will be calling Kurt “Porcelain” instead of “lady” from now on, so, win? But how adorable was it when the guys got all up in Karofsky’s business in the locker room? (Hello, Sam.) And then Kurt’s dad confronted him in the hallway? Yay for awesome parents!

Even Sue stepped in for Kurt, expelling Karofsky, which is sort of funny because isn’t Sue the school’s biggest bully?

Perhaps too little too late for Kurt, however, who’s looking toward rival Dalton Academy — home to gay mentor Blaine — for his new home. Which next week’s preview totally looks like is going to happen.