Glee‘s Darren Criss to Succeed Harry Potter in How to Succeed in Business

Deadline reports that Glee star Darren Criss will probably replace Daniel Radcliffe in How To Succeed In Business (Without Really Trying) come January 2012. That’s good news for the period ’60s musical because the Gleeks run a close second to Harry Potter fans in rabid devotion.

Mind you, they’re only talking about a three-week run; it’ll mean Criss ditches Glee for an episode—”and a-half,” says Deadline, whatever that means. Not a heavy-duty commitment.

Now, the most important consideration: this dude’s hair. If you’ve seen Criss in candid shots, you know it’s a curly mop of singer/songwriter sensitivity. And Glee has, frankly, been allowing his character a little wavy leeway since his debut (above) as the tightly-cut-and-pomade-saturated teen Don Draper. By the time he sings Kurt away from Onion A.V. Club’s excellently nicknamed “Tolerance Narnia”, it’s all the hair team on the show can do to keep that signature look under control (proof: here).

Singing and dancing on stage for over two hours every night in a retro-role that requires an even seriouser level of hair precision? They’re going to need Crazy Glue to hold it together.


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