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God Hates Fags? Well Mechanics Hate Westboro

After protesting outside the funeral of Army Sgt. Jason James McCluskey in Oklahoma, members of the Westboro Baptist Church found their minivan’s tires slashed — but no local mechanic was willing to help repair the vehicle. So the half-dozen circus clowns called AAW, which towed them to a Walmart, which was only too happy to be of assistance.

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  • Fred the sociopath

    Westboro Baptist believes that this persecution via slashing of the holy tires is the first sign of the apocalypse! YAY! Can’t come soon enough…. there will be a special place in hell for the Phelps clan. Personally I believe religion equates to mythology that is used to control the masses and to extort the almighty dollar. Many, many years from now our future generations will look back into history and marvel at how ignorant humanity was to believe religion as truth. dumb asses.

  • ewe


  • DewSumResearch

    Really, Queerty? Can you not proofread anything? You cut and paste this info in here from wherever you read it and you managed to misspell “AAA” as “AAW” ?

  • E Floyd

    Why did the Queerty article have to turn it into a hate of Walmart? Typical in some circles. I saw it somewhere else to. So the westboro people got towed to a Walmart. Who says anyone there knew who they were or had any policy of refusing service to anyone.

  • Danny

    Why can’t they just drink the koolaid like all the other crazy cults?


    Bestest news I have heard all day!! Finally these inbred band of disgusting scumbags are getting their comeuppance………

    Fuck them and fuck Walmart for assisting them………With all the hurt they have tossed upon grieving famlies, they should consider themselves lucky their tires are the only things slashed…………

  • AL

    Agh! The article about Westboro clan is now turned into a Walmart hating spree, while the employees probably didn’t even recognize who their customers were. It’s a predictable reaction from liberals.

    Anyways, I wonder how much in insurance premiums the Westboro clans pays. I am quite sure it’s not the first time they filed a claim for their property being vandalized.

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