“God” Purchases Year-Long “God Loves Gays” Billboard Near Westboro Baptist Church

20140508100744-billboard_topekaThe comedian behind Facebook’s popular “God” page is now using his almighty power for LGBT advocacy, crowdsourcing funds to launch a campaign that will spread a pro-LGBT message and taunt the Westboro Baptist Church at the same time.

In ten short days, followers of God have pledged over $40,000 to help build “God Loves Gays” billboards in and around Westboro’s hometown of Topeka, Kansas. The “Westboro psychos” have been spreading a message of hate for too long, says God, and the billboard project is an attempt to reverse their smear campaign.

Says God:

God LOVES gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people!

BEHOLD! God is tired of having hate-speech put into his mouth by bigots. Therefore, the LORD shall put up a billboard in Topeka, Kansas that declares to all that “God Loves Gays”!

God announced on Facebook that he had purchased the first “God Loves Gays” billboard this week, and it will be erected in the heart of Topeka on Sept. 8. The cost of the 12-month campaign is roughly $50,000, and the creator has vowed to use excess funds to purchase additional billboards in Topeka and possibly others around the country.

Contributors are offered a range of perks for donations, including bumper stickers, t-shirts, and even posters autographed by God himself.

Stay current on God’s mission to reverse Westboro hate by following him on Facebook. Visit Indiegogo for more details on the billboard project.