Google’s Gay-Bashing Website Scandal!

Yow, seems like there’s another gayish scandal brewing in Google’s gaggle of websites. A few weeks ago, we reported on the search engine’s alleged bias against gay sites. Today comes news that the company’s blogspot hosts a Jamaica-based, anti-gay site, the not-so ingeniously entitled killybattyman: a corner of cyber-space headed by this lovely image.

Reporting on the digital scandal, Harry’s Place wrote:

This is not a free speech issue. Incitement to murder shuts down the very exchange of ideas that free speech seeks to promote…

In the light of ongoing violent attacks against Jamaica’s gay community – why is Google allowing its services to be used to incite murder by hosting this hate-site?

In addition to calling for the death of dick suckers (and, we imagine, carpet munchers), the site also takes on British gay activist, Peter Tatchell, insisting that if children are bad, “The Tatchell Man” will come for them. Not surprisingly, Tatchell’s not so keen on the idea:

This website is sick and illegal. Inciting murder is a criminal offense. I am appalled that Google is hosting this site. It goes against their policy. Killbattyman fuels homophobic hatred and in Jamaica this hatred kills.

For its part, Google says that it will investigate and take appropriate measures if the site’s deemed inappropriate.