Gordon Ramsey Called Her a ‘Lesbian Pig.’ She’s Neither of Those Things

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Gordon Ramsey, who is a celebrity chef, reality TV star, and the namesake of a restaurant we sometimes eat at in West Hollywood, evidently called Australian A Current Affair reporter Tracy Grimshaw a “lesbian pig” in front of a television show audience. This did not go over very well with Grimshaw, not because she has a problem being identified as gay (which she is not), but because she does not think she looks as ugly as a pig (which she does not). “He says it was a joke,” says Grimshaw. “Well, not to me or anyone who cares about me. I wonder how many people would laugh if they were effectively described as an ‘old ugly pig’? … Obviously Gordon thinks that any woman that doesn’t find him attractive must be gay. … For the record, I don’t and I am not. But I am not surprised by any of this because we’ve all seen how Gordon Ramsay treats his wife – and he supposedly loves her.” Oooh, snap!