Gov. Christie’s Democratic Opponent: My Gay Daughter Is “Not A Political Agenda”


You are compromising and sacrificing the dignity of our gay brothers and sisters by vetoing marriage equality because you know that would kill you in a Republican primary…It’s a human right. I mean governor, have a profile in courage and do the right thing for our sons and daughters and our brothers and our sisters. This is a human right, and this really should not be the one the ballot. We should not have the majority of people deciding the minority’s rights. It’s just wrong…My daughter, who is openly gay, is not a political agenda.”

Sen. Barbara Buono, who is gunning for New Jersey Gov. Chris “Gay Marriage Is Not a Human Rights Issue” Christie’s job, taking the governor to task for openly cowing to the GOP on marriage equality in anticipation of a likely Presidential run during a debate Tuesday.

 Photo: Marko Georgiev/ Record of Bergen County