GQ gets draggggged over this tweet about swimsuits for guys with “stockier builds”

GQ got dragged on Twitter this week over a misguided tweet about stocky dudes.

It all started when the men’s magazine tweeted this photo about swim trunks designed for guys with “stockier builds”:


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “stocky” as “compact, sturdy, and relatively thick in build”.

It didn’t take long for people to notice that none of the models in the article’s featured image actually fit that definition.

After realizing its error, GQ posted a follow up tweet, owning the mistake and saying it had swapped out the image.

Instead of a photo of five musclebound dudes in swim trunks, the new featured image just shows the swimsuits with no actual bodies in them:

Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to appease anyone.

Better luck next time, GQ.