Pop brownies

Greek hunks bare it all, Santa vogues, Derrick Barry does Britney

The 2017 “Greek Come True” calendar was made to be pinned against your wall. Get on it.


DJ Hell pays homage to Tom of Finland in a way-ribald new video for “I Want You” that animates those iconic musclebound sailors, cowboys, and forest rangers. Take a look at a pixelated version here. (P.S. The song is great.)


Derrick Barry’s “Christmas Party,” a parody of Britney’s single “Slumber Party,” still manages to pile on the manflesh in the muscular form of adult star Adam Ramzi. We prefer this version, but we also have confirmed mental problems.

Beep, beep. For the video for their new single “Dying To Know,” Tegan and Sara return as deeply bizarre puppets based on “Miami Vice,” skidding around town in a Lamborghini. And now we watch it again.

There’s nothing to say, except that Voguing Santa is crushing it. Bye.