Group Petitions P&G: Gay Laundry Commercial Could “Save Lives!”

Screen-Shot-2014-12-15-at-9.54.46-AM-360x240Never before has so much zeal gone into convincing a company to advertise more, but one group feels it is paramount that consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble distribute their gay-inclusive Tide commercial for the US of A.

We covered the ad in question back in December of last year, which features a snippy gay couple lovingly throwing shade at one another. Because marriage, and laundry.

But despite positive media coverage, the ad was only ever shown in Canada, that bastion of clean laundry and open minds.

A Change.org petition is trying to change that.

“On the heels of The Supreme Court’s historic decision in favor of gay marriage, please join us, as well as P & G stockholders, and even members of the Gamble family, in asking Procter and Gamble to ‘turn the Tide’ and bring this long-overdue message of consumer inclusion to US airwaves,” the petition says.

“Let them know that our money spent as LGBT and LGBT-friendly consumers is worth their money spent as advertisers (a fact that Tylenol, Chobani and Wells Fargo have successfully capitalized on in the past month alone). Tell them that their courage will not only generate greater sales, it may even save lives.”

While we have our doubts whether the below commercial could save many lives, we’d love to see more ads like this popping up on American TV.

Do you think the issue is worthy of a petition?

Watch below: