So this happened

Guess which megastar was snapped at a gay bar living for ‘Drag Race’ queens?

It seems appropriate that the week we learn RuPaul will soon unveil her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the week a musical legend would pop into the local gay bar to catch some queens throw down.

All-Stars season 3 contestants Aja and Milk were recently performing at Chicago’s Roscoe’s Tavern when none other than Mick Jagger sashayed in to catch the show.

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Here’s hoping he tipped the girls.

The 74-year-old Rolling Stones frontman was filmed tongue popping all night long and more than one source reports hearing several “yes gawd’s” throughout the evening.

OK that might not be quite true, but he was there and by all appearances, was living for it.

World of Wonder shared this shot:

Ru himself was also taken aback and posted a slightly more cryptic response:

Now when is he going to guest judge?