Guess Which Activist Organization Is Releasing a ‘Road Map’ to Equality?

Nope, not the Human Rights Campaign, even though Joe Solmonese says he’s got one. In a brilliant publicity move, Equality California says in a press release it will “Release Roadmap, Recommended Timeline to Restore Freedom to Marry for Same-Sex Couples.” You’ll hear all about it at tomorrow’s presser.

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  • denguyfl

    I hate to be the one to say this because I know I will be attacked for it. Do notget me wrong. I am not apologist for Joe Solmonese. In fact I have always though those at the top of any political organization should step down. Too long at the top lead to a comfort level that no movement can withstand. That being said ….

    Let’s look at some of the good HRC has done lately. They Have partnered with a gay servicemembers group to tour the country with ACTUAL ex=military personnel to try to convince nt the country (the public is there), but the military that a repeal of DADT is a policy decision in the best interest of the country. They are encouragin the rank-and-file tomo meet with their representatives over this August recess where healthcare is the main topic to discuss issues that face our community (and BTW is healthcare not one of those issues?). even though we may have contempt for master Joe, they have FINALLY grown a pair.

    As I said I am in no way an apologist. More a realist. So if you haven’t done so already, recognize the good that is being done NOW, If the DADt will be in your are, SHOW UP ( I plna to be at both in the state of Florida. If you have not made an appointment to speak to your representative during the recess, DO IT. Are these ideas that no one other then HRC could have though of? Certainly not. but if you don not take the logical steps, you are part pf the PROBLEM.

  • Andrew

    HRC is simply in the business of raising money to make sure their payroll checks clear. The idea of “lobbying politicians” regarding gay issues HAS NEVER WORKED.

    HRC does nothing about the “beliefs” these politicians have regarding homosexuals. For +25 years they have wasted our money.

    They DO NOT have a PLAN. They NEVER have. If they published a Plan suggesting their lobbying efforts would cancel the “religious beliefs” of these politicians it would only generate laughs in our community.

    We’ve tolerated HRC for long enough. WE should admit that lobbying “believers” has no effect UNLESS we fight the beliefs. HRC doesn’t have the courage to fight the beliefs.

    LGBT people must stop giving their money to HRC and ANY religious institution.

  • Andrew

    Tell David Comfort he can get an HRC endorsement for about $50,000. It worked for Cleve Jones and his silly Parade/Charade in DC.

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