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Guess Which Pro-Bigot Retailer Bravo Teamed Up With To Sell Its DVDs?

Bravo, the bisexual television network that doubles as Andy Cohen‘s personal playhouse, sells DVDs of its Emmy-caliber shows like the The Real Housewives of Orange County on its website. But if you want to purchase discs of privileged (albeit overextended) narcissistic women, or that scrunchy skinny stylist, or the red-headed perpetually down-on-her-luck comedienne, you’ll need to walk into a Target store: The retail giant that supports anti-gay politico Tom Emmer is the only brick-and-mortar outlet that carries your post-gay programming.

Back in April, when the deal was announced, NBC Universal’s DVD chief Shelli Hill insisted, “We are thrilled to offer so many great Bravo shows on DVD to the Target guests.” Promo spots currently airing on Bravo continue to push the partnership.

Now is buzz seepage contagious?

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