Guy Going For Gold?

Speaking of greed, Madonna’s reportedly prepared to offer soon-to-be ex-husband Guy Ritchie a $12 million estate and $15 million in cash as a divorce settlement. Realizing he could get more, some say, Ritchie’s gearing up to pillage the pop star’s bank accounts. The couple’s worth a combined $521 million, most of which comes from the Missus, of course. [NYDN]

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  • ChristopherM

    Say what you will about Madge, bitch works hard for the money. Meanwhile, all he did their entire marriage as far as anyone can tell is make two really shitty movies. Two movies in eight years. He should take what she’s offering and run because he doesn’t deserve much of anything.

  • fredo777


    I know that chick didn’t fuck up + not get a pre-nup.

  • afrolito

    I highly doubt Guy will drag this to court, and pull a Heather Mills on Madonna. He has his own wealth, and it would kill his public macho persona to be seen as grasping for her money.

    As far as prenups go, they are not valid in the UK, so having him sign one would be worthless.

  • Bobster

    Guy deserves HALF of everything Madonna made in the 8 years of marriage. They were a married couple. If it was reversed and the man was the bread winner nobody would blink an eye. Madonna also cheated so she should pay up.

  • michael

    That is true number 4, he does deserve half, if she does not like it, then she should not have married him. I don’t know what she has made the last 8 years but I bet its more than the 50 million.

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