Guys Confess About Their First Boyfriends, And It Isn’t Always Cute

Love is an open door, a battlefield and a losing game. It makes the world go round, makes a world of difference and makes a family.

In short, love’s a bitch, but we love it. And there’s nothing like that first boyfriend, those first kisses, the first time you stay up all night talking with someone.

We teamed up with our pals at Whisper to hear about some “first boyfriend confessions,” because young love is everything mentioned above sprinkled with a little extra crazy.

Anything sound familiar?

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I dated my first boyfriend just so I could figure out  if I was gay. I definitely  am but he wasn't

I was raised not to have sex before marriage. When I gave my first bf a blowjob I kept waiting to feel guilty but I never did

I had to break up with my first boyfriend because I suspected that he wasn't really gay, just using me to get back at someone else

I dated my first boyfriend before I officially came out. I think I have a weird attachment to him because of it... I keep wanting to give him  a second chance

Gay guys fall so hard in love in their first relationship, because they've been waiting so long to be able to love somebody.

It was my first gay relationship. You broke my heart, and now I have to suffer in silence. Thanks to you, I don't think I'll ever embrace my true self...

So far my first gay relationship is going better then I ever expected. I love the butterflies, and I'm just happy to be with such a cute and caring guy.

I got my first boyfriend and he texted me at 3am and my mom looked, found out I'm gay, and made me break up with him

I will never stop loving my first boyfriend. I feel like he taught me how to live my life as a happy and proud gay man.

Being in my first gay relationship was heartbreaking because I was out and he wasn't... We had to end it because I was tired of hiding my  love and my life

I'm in my first gay relationship & I've never felt more free and in love

My first real relationship only lasted 9 days because he found another guy to go after. Wonder if straight people have it any easier...

I recently broke up with  my first boyfriend. I thought another man  would fulfill me but now  I'm more confused  than ever

My first boyfriend made  me realize I need to instigate sex more.  Nothing like being a guy  who knows what he wants

I'm 23. Gay. And just had my heart ripped out of me from my first relationship. I will be ok.

I am terrified to ruin my first gay relationship.

After my first relationship with a guy....I can't decide if I'm bisexual or gay.

I just broke up with my first boyfriend (I am a boy as well). Can gay/bi guys actually remain friends after a breakup? I'm new to this..