Guys Fed Up With Grindr Turn To Whisper To Release Steam

Dating apps are what you make of them.

Grindr can be one of many things — a solution to short-term boredom, means to a hookup, a way to find friends or just a tool to check out the gay life of an unfamiliar area.

It can also become a compulsion, a drug dealer or a bad habit.

What’s your experience been like? Have you ever felt the need to delete it? (And did you re-download it three months later?)

Here’s what guys are saying on Whisper:

I spend 3 hours a day chatting on grindr with strangers i know I'll forget about the next day

Grindr is kind of torture. It's like

I want to have sex all the time but grindr hookups scare me. I'm cute and get offers but that's just not me.

Every time my Grindr auto-renews for another year, I'm reminded of what a miserable failure my dating life is.

I fail at being gay. I'm a kind, intelligent, and decent looking guy that can't even manage to hookup on freaking Grindr.

I meet guys on grindr behind my gf's back.

I hate grindr. I've never felt as bad about my body as I do when I'm on there...

The person that used to bully me for being gay just messaged me on Grindr.

I reactivated my grindr, because my relationship is boring.

My Grindr pic is next to naked... But I'll likely sleep with less than a fourth of the guys I chat with.

I just hooked up with someone on grindr... But man I caught a bit of feelings for him. ?

I really want to have sex with my best friend's dad... I've seen him on Jack'd and Grindr but I'm nervous to make a move... What if my friend finds out! It would be chaos...

I want to be on Grindr, but I don't want my sugar daddy to find out.

Proud of myself  for deleting  my grindr...... its been an unhealthy addiction  for way too long

I would really like a boyfriend, but all the guys on Grindr around here are either gross or way far away. Wtf?

I'm fighting off the urge to  re download Grindr... I know how sad.

I feel so proud of the fact I've decided to respect myself and my only body, I deleted my grindr account and I'm 100% okay with that.

Sometimes I just wanna look for fun on Grindr because being a good guy on there is so crazy but well,I still believe I can find some friends

I may be ignored by many guys on Grindr but well,Im still cute just the way I am. ?