Guys share why they really do at the gym (Spoiler alert: It’s not just fitness)

Do you go to the gym to work out, or to be worked out? That’s the burning question on the latest episode of the Gay Code, a hilarious web series by Isaam Sharef.

Several gay men, women, drag queens, and one token straight guy sit down to talk with Sharef about gay gym culture and what their real motivations are for working out. (Spoiler alert: They’re not just there for their fitness.)

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A lot of people admit they’ll often act like they’re working out when really they’re ogling the eye candy. Others don’t even bother pretending.

“They gym is the new club,” Sharef says. “F*ck going to a club. If you go the gym, you can get a nice body and get some d*ck.”

Watch the episode below. And let us know what your real motivations for going to the gym are in the comments section…