More Locker Room Confessions To Make You Renew That Gym Membership… Or Cancel It


In the past we’ve shared myths about gay guys in the locker room, but the thing about myths is that they’re usually based in reality. What we mean is, some weird stuff can go down in a locker room.

Just in time for the proverbial big game (or is it?), we asked Whisper to mine their data for some salacious locker room confessions. We certainly weren’t disappointed with what they found.


The only reason I work out everyday is to catch a glimpse of guys changing in the locker room.


I hooked up with a guy at the gym this morning in locker room it was hot and the thought of getting caught made it even more exciting

I try to sneak as many glances at other guys packages as I can in the locker room.

I look very focused at the gym, and I am. I

My friend and I (both straight) were curious about gay sex. So we experimented together in the locker room at school . It was honestly so good!

I look at guys in the locker room at the gym. See if they look back. Some do but never approach.

Once I was having sex with my bf in the school locker room and his whole football team walked in!

I once masturbated in the gym locker room while other people were in the locker room.

I love going to the gym with my bestfriend. He spends a lot of his time in the locker room naked

Even though im straight i enjoy how some of the hung guys at the locker room show off

I had sex in the locker room before practice with a soccer player

I think I like men now ever since I saw naked guys in the locker room. I don

My boyfriend and I had sex in the family locker room of our local YMCA

I love seeing other guys change in the locker room. Always nice to see how I compare.

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