These guys wish they’d fooled around with men before marrying their wives

It’s perfectly understandable to crave new experiences — it’s why we scuba dive and bungee jump and try new exotic-sounding foods. So it makes sense that we fantasize about a variety of sexual experiences also.

Many test these waters while we’re young, before “settling down.” But what happens when you skip that step and head right into a life of relative sameness?

Those urges may not go away, and in fact they can tend to grow even stronger.

Below, we hear from guys on Whisper who wish they’d sowed a few wild oats before committing.

Our one suggestion? Honesty with your partner — you might be surprised by the result:

I wish I sexually experimented with other men before I got married. I have so many fantasies I won't get to try now

I'm engaged to a woman that I love more than anything. Sometimes I wish I experimented with men before I met her. I want to experience being the "woman"

I wish I had experimented before I got married. I always wanted to be with a man. But life apparently had me on a heterosexual path.

I wish I would have experimented with my bisexual urges before I married my wife.

I love my wife very much but lately I've been thinking about being with a man and I wish I had done something about it before getting married.

I find myself fantasizing about men even though I'm married. I wish I had just one gay experience before committing my life to my wife

I wish that I experimented with men before I married my wife. She's not into it :(

I've always been attracted to men but now I wish I had experimented a little before I got married

Been married 10 years but I do wish I experimented with another guy beforehand. I hate that it's too late now

I love being married to my wife. She's my soulmate. But I find myself wanting to experiment with men. Why?

I wish I slept with a man before I got married. Now that I have my wife I could never cheat on her. Oh well.

I'm a man married to a woman and I've never been with another man before but I always thought that I secretly could be. I wish my wife knew

I got married a few years ago but I find myself thinking about sleeping with a man. I feel guilty but I sort of regret getting married young. I didn't experiment at all

Married but wife doesn't know I'm bi. Last time I experimented with a guy was before we met.

I told my wife that I wish I had experimented with men and now she's mad at me. Fml