Hallmark Stores Refuse Gay Cards

Jeez, Louise! With all the hoopla over Hallmark’s gay greetings, one would think they were trying to raise Satan himself!

Not only has the American Family Association launched a boycott and have the Concerned Women For America voiced their outrage, but now we hear that multiple Hallmark stores are going to straight up refuse to carry the queer cards:

A manager says seven Hallmark greeting card stores in the Treasure Valley will not carry the company’s new same-sex marriage cards.

Cassi Jacobsen, an assistant manager for the Jordan’s Hallmark store in Nampa’s Karcher Mall, says the family that owns the seven area stores has decided against carrying the new line of greeting cards. She said the owners were out of town and not immediately available for comment.

This is just what the country needs: a commercial civil war. We’re long overdue…