Happy Endings: Drudge Blows A Load

• Sounds like Drudge creamed his pants over Anderson Cooper‘s proclamation that “going gray is like ejaculation” even more than we did.


• Speaking of ejaculate, STD cases in the gay community are on their way up, up, up. Someone please cue the Evangelicals. This is about when they start to claim this is God’s way of punishing homos.

• Images from Gay.com didn’t just magically appear on Mayor James West’s computer after all. Yeah, obviously.

Radar Magazine goes all kissy face and lists the top ten guy on guy movie smooches. Funny thing is we thought this article would only end up in the straight guy pages of Details.

• Saudi police busted up a gay beauty pageant before it even happened. Among the items they confiscated were large quantities of “sex toys.” Um, what kind of beauty pageant was this going to be?

• Can’t wait for it to come out next week? MTV.com is streaming Madge’s new disc.