Happy Endings: Fantastic!

Fantastics Mag celebrates the boys who blow smoke.

Project Runway‘s Jack Mackenroth sits down with HX‘s Brandon Voss.

Democrats in close Iowa race.

Mollygood editor Cord Jefferson doesn’t like the suburbs. We have a feeling the suburbs probably don’t like him, as well.

• Arizona bar owner Tom Anderson grabbed headlines last year for banning a trans customer. Now he’s decided to turn his establishment into a gay night club. What a different 365 days make.

Anderson Cooper leaves vacation early to cover Benazir Bhutto assassination in Pakistan.

Parade readers voted Rosie O’Donnell the year’s most annoying celebrity. Funny, we voted Parade the most annoying magazine no one reads.

• Will writer’s strike destroy awards shows?!

• Alleged killer and former porn star Joseph Kerekes‘ lawyers hope to dismiss death penalty for Bryan Kocis killing.

Ugandan national considers the meaning of “gay”.