Larry Craig Just Can't Quit Gay-Tinged Drama

Happy Endings: He’s Baaaack!

• You’ve got to be kidding, Larry Craig:

Lawyers for Sen. Larry Craig asked a Minnesota appeals court Tuesday to allow him to withdraw his guilty plea stemming from his June arrest in a public bathroom sex sting, citing a “grave procedural flaw.”

The Idaho Republican argues that a state law related to his misdemeanor conviction is unconstitutional and that it’s “manifestly unjust” not to allow him to be given another chance to prove his innocence.

This man is truly tortured. Just let it go, Craig! Get on with your life or come out, girl. And people think Hillary’s a robot?

Learn how to be gay at the University of Michigan. We’re going to wing it…

• Alleged assailant says “no hate” in attack on DC gay man.

Benzazir Bhutto’s 19-year old son and the Pakistan People’s Party leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari came out to meet the media.

HRC up in New Hampshire.

Introducing: A Daily Show.

Neon undies.

No gay organ donation in Canada.

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  • ProfessorVP

    How do we know Larry Craig’s “tortured?” How do we assume he has a conscience, profound feelings, or any sort of compass that points him anywhere but to the nearest bathroom? No, I don’t take for granted that he’s tortured.

  • Jack Jett

    If he were to ask for my advice (and we know he should) I would tell him to embrace the toilets, and turn those urinals into urinalade. He should come out with a book that list the best glory holes in the US of A. How to avoid vice? Hand signals and course his internationally known wide stance.

  • Dawster



  • hells kitchen guy

    I love this guy! I hope he keeps it up (!) thru November.

  • ProfessorVP

    It has been done, J. Jett, hand signals and all. It’s an internet site- I forgot the name- but it was even mentioned in the MSM. The Minny Airport bathroom was in it with a good rating for action.

  • David from Toronro

    But did he inhale? Swallow? Fucking asshole. Wonder what he would have said a year ago.

  • Danny the Tranny

    Keep it up Larry. You little bitch! Troll the toilets like theres no tomorrow. GO TEAM LARRY!!!

  • IdahoCaucus

    I think we should encourage Larry Craig to organize an Idaho Caucus. We may able to cancel all of the circuit parties.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Never trust a man with two first names, my mother always said. Who are they that said Hillary was a “Robot”? Oh, the right wing media pundits and the lazy gays who quote them. Everyone knows that Mitt Romney is the $6million dollar robotman and we are trying to make him spend it down!!! There’s just something about Larry. Did he get those glasses at LaserCrafters because I think he’s about to cook a goose using his eyes. No, wait. It’s just crazy Republican Larry, the typical, cheating, self-hating internalized homophobic former Senator and soon to be GOP footnote. Don’t leave Larry, we are laughing AT you, not with you. I think Larry should be a keynote speaker at the next Republican National Convention. Just ask Ken Mehlman!! ROTFL!!!

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