Happy Endings: I Want Two Mommies!

•We hope yesterday’s report of a plan for a Sound of Music Museum wasn’t what finally did in the film’s director, Robert Wise. RIP.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will meet with gay leaders next week to discuss California’s same-sex marriage bill. Well, he might. But only if James Cameron directs the meeting.


•For whatever reason, there are still people out there that believe gays make bad parents. The nerve! A report from the Brookings Institution proves the opposite. Two moms might actually be the BETTER way to go!

•Oh Come on. College kids are gonna do it anyway. This way they’ll at least get some cold hard cash for pot and beer.

•We haven’t heard from Anne Heche lately. Has she been out of work? She’d make a great teacher’s aide at an ex-Gay facility like Love in Action, helping “cure” people of their homosexuality. Too bad it’s being shut down.