Happy Endings: Newsflash! Tom Cruise Is Irritating

Tom and Katie

• Brits have awarded Tom Cruise with the title of “most irritating” star. No word on if they find him to be the gayest star as well. [The Guardian]

• Now playing in LA is the lesbian musical The Breakup Notebook. Melissa Etheridge isn’t the only dyke with a great set of pipes. [The Breakup Notebook Official Site]

Ryan Seacrest may have replaced Kathy Griffin as queen of the red carpet, but at least we’ll get another season of her Bravo reality show. [Reality TV World]

• Illinois has become one of the few states in the nation to have laws on the books prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation. That’s 15 states down and 35 more to go. [CBS 2 Chicago]

• Texas’ first statewide GLBT magazine is no more. RIP TXT Magazine. [Dallas Voice]