Happy Endings: Out Blaming Ryan Smith For His Gay Bashing?

Ryan Smith

• Having wrapped up its annual conference, the National Education Association is still sticking to its talking points: it does not endorse gay marriage. It just wants to. [CNS News]

• It took Out a little while to get around to the Ryan Smith gay bashing story, and now that the magazine finally did, readers are livid the story came so uncomfortably close to blaming Smith for his own attack. [Out]

• Now that New York’s highest court has made its decision regarding gay marriage, the question begs: Is that it? [Advocate]

• Forget how you’d feel if Jake Gyllenhaal or Vin Diesel came out. What would it mean to their straight girl fanbase? [After Elton]

• It’s not a summer in P-town if Andy Towle isn’t there. [Towleroad]

• D.C.’s most narcissistic gay explains the rules for playing Kings when your white ass isn’t surround by your frat guy-cum-yacht club member crowd. [VividBlurry]