Happy Endings: Out In Hollywood

• A New York Assembly member quit his post after trying to touch his intern’s wee-wee. The intern was having none of it, so we assume he was either straight or had a boyfriend, because his boss is actually pretty cute (for a married guy with kids). [365 Gay]

Charlie David Dantes Cove

Sir Ian McKellen is not the only out gay actor in Hollywood, though he is acting in movies and not low-budget soft-core gay soap operas. Still, you have to give Dante’s Cove actor Charlie David credit for his persistence. [AfterElton]

Mary Cheney and Dana Carvey. We had never thought about it before, but now that you mention it… [Queer Beacon]

Fran Drescher wants to jump into politics. We can already hear her laugh echoing through the Capitol, and it sounds like beautiful music. [Cityrag]

Madonna claims she decided to wear a crown of thorns in concert for the sake of AIDS orphans in Africa. Is that why her tickest are so expensive too? [IOL via VirtualMatter]

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