Happy Endings: Tenacious!

• Gay politico Gary Cloutier filed a lawsuit today contesting last November’s electoral recount. The would-be Vallejo mayor won the initial count by three votes, but a reexamination of the ballots gave the seat to rival Osby Davis.

• Stunning: Barack Obama has twelve point lead on Hillary Clinton in South Carolina. Obama has 42% of vote, while Clinton lags with 30% according to Rasmussen Reports.

• An American couple wants to open a Haiti-based amusement park where guests can be kidnapped and sold like slaves. Then the guests revolt and establish Haiti. Sounds like a blast.

No go on Golden Globes on NBC.

More Mike Bloomberg candidacy gossip.

• A London registrar is suing the Islington Council for discrimination because she wants the right to refuse gay marriage licenses.

• Pretty On The Outside launches campaign for Daniel Craig’s skin.

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  • Queer Bashers for Barack

    Gee, if only Hillary and Edwards had sent someone like Donnie “Gays Are Killing Our Kids” McClurkin to sing for them in South Carolina!

  • Jason

    Word Queer! I am amazed that Obama continues to get a pass from the media. I hope his day of reckoning is coming. I don’t see how he’s gaining support from the gay and lesbian community. If Clinton had done this very thing she would have been eviscerated.

  • chris

    I love you Hillary!

    Let’s keep hope alive!

  • The Ghost of the Clinton's Political Baggage

    Word up Dudes!! I am, like, totally feeling ‘ya on the Hillary front.

    I just don’t understand why the American public ain’t feeling her, especially since she’s running on the fact that she and the Billster were co-Presidents back in the ’90s. That would mean our Gal Pal was 50% responsible for DADT and NAFTA!! Wow, just think, she’d be winning in the primaries if only the homophobes over in India could vote.

    I’d give Billary a great, big kiss but she just washed her hair.

  • SeaFlood

    Jason, actually Hillary DID do something very similar and was given a pass by gaystreamers. Look through Queerty, they covered it around the same time of the Obama Drama. (hee… that’s Dr. Seuss sing-songy!)

  • ee.em.bee

    SeaFlood: j’adore “Obamadrama”. It should totally be a word for the practice of special interest groups getting their panties in a twist because a candidate fails to conform to every jot and tittle of their List Of Concerns. If Obama is being honest about the unity/coalition/change thing, then there are just going to be some Icky People and B-listers at the cotillion. They won’t like us being there, we won’t like them being there, but ultimately we share the same nation and planet and can’t just ignore each other. Not that I’m convinced about Barak yet, mind you, but if his ultimate goals are acceptable, then the fact that he’s interested in winning elections by getting people to vote for him is a refreshingly un-Democratic strategy.

  • todd

    I think Hillary missed her train – which left the station in 2004. Where was she then, when this nation needed a viable candidate to save them from the Bush horror show? Will Obama be able to take on the Rethuglican attack machine? Or will he roll over and go wind surfing like Kerry?

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