Happy Endings: Tenacious!

• Gay politico Gary Cloutier filed a lawsuit today contesting last November’s electoral recount. The would-be Vallejo mayor won the initial count by three votes, but a reexamination of the ballots gave the seat to rival Osby Davis.

• Stunning: Barack Obama has twelve point lead on Hillary Clinton in South Carolina. Obama has 42% of vote, while Clinton lags with 30% according to Rasmussen Reports.

• An American couple wants to open a Haiti-based amusement park where guests can be kidnapped and sold like slaves. Then the guests revolt and establish Haiti. Sounds like a blast.

No go on Golden Globes on NBC.

More Mike Bloomberg candidacy gossip.

• A London registrar is suing the Islington Council for discrimination because she wants the right to refuse gay marriage licenses.

• Pretty On The Outside launches campaign for Daniel Craig’s skin.