Happy Endings: That’s Disgusting, Vile and Shitty

• We can’t provide anything other than this picture, for this shit-based drug may be the grossest, most revolting thing we’ve ever. It leaves us wondering – pleading, begging and praying – “Why?!” [Note the slang terms. Our favorite: “Butthash”.]

Rev. Donald J. McGuire arrested for sexually assaulting boys:

A prominent Jesuit priest accused of sexually victimizing teenage boys who were his valets as he traveled the world leading Roman Catholic spiritual retreats was taken into federal custody yesterday in Chicago.

The priest, the Rev. Donald J. McGuire, was charged by the federal authorities with traveling to Switzerland and Austria to engage in sexual conduct with a minor. Father McGuire was convicted last year of sexually abusing two high school students on trips to Wisconsin.

So, he allegedly molested them and then made them drive him around? That’s twisted.

Anti-gay Russian nationalists march in Moscow.

Lily Allen versus Victoria Beckham.

• Floridian anti-gay activists claim to be “this close” to getting enough signatures for gay marriage vote.

Stephen Colbert drops presidential bid. There go our dreams of a laugh-filled election. Sigh…

• Larry Craig’s “lover” in “poofter” license scandal.

Paul Hipp sings about water-boarding. (Related: we want to marry Paul Hipp.)