Happy Endings: The Day We Did It For The Children

• San Francisco’s Department of Human Services has launched an ad campaign to recruit gay parents to adopt.

• Meanwhile, the San Francisco Chronicle have clarified their report on the aforementioned ad campaign. The newspaper originally cited Family Research Council’s Paul Cameron as an “expert” on the matter. They neglected, however, to mention that he’s been debunked by the American Psychological Association and hates gay people. Oops!

• On that note: the APA formed a “task force” to review research on ex-gay conversion therapy. Oh, we’re sorry – “therapeutic responses”. APA president Dr. Sharon Stephens Brehm bursts with joy: “I am pleased to announce the initiation of this task force. Its work will be of significant value as it will help inform all mental health practitioners about appropriate and effective therapeutic responses to sexual orientation. I look forward to the group’s report.” That could be good for the children.

• National Runaway Switchboard has published a new brochure for gay teens, “Being Out, Being Safe”. NRS director Maureen Blaha remarks, “Research shows that LGBTQ youth are four times more likely to exhibit the symptoms of major depression than heterosexual youth — which may lead to a runaway episode”. Be sure to pack a lunch!

“Shirley Q. Liquor” – a black face drag comedienne – did an interview with Rollingstone. Jasmyne Cannick – a black sappho-journo – wrote a rebuttal. NSFC (Not safe for children).

• In other baby-related news, here’s a baby playing with a cobra! No word on whether the parents are gay.

Pictures of celebrities smoking pot. Grownup children!!

Plague strikes Denver zoo! Do not take your kids there. They will die. And so will you… (In fact, don’t go to Colorado at all.)

• Looking for a movie about 1980s Liverpool gay teens who venture into a magical trans bar? Well, look no further: The Fruit Machine‘s out on DVD. Now you can go to the Denver zoo.