And Patrick Wolf Spoke 'Out'

Happy Endings: The Day We Winced
• Because schadenfreude’s much, much funnier when its Japanese.

• Costa Rican lawmakers put forth same-sex nuptial bill.

Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum will be one of New York Gay Pride’s grand marshals. Mazel tov!

CBS hates the world, won’t stop until we’re all covered in corrosive sludge.

Ralph Lauren brings window shopping into the 21st century.

Anti-gay would rather not work in California than follow a judge’s advice.

Rod McCullom hearts Perez: “I think Perez gets a lot of grief, but I think there’s a market for Perez – obviously there is. Just look at his readership. Some people are going to say just because people are reading him doesn’t mean he’s right, and that could be a good argument, but I would say if so many people are reading him, he’s addressing a need.”

Gay guppies on the rise.

• Global warming’s so last season. Global cooling‘s all the rage!

Out‘s all about Patrick Wolf.