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Courtney Cox‘s new show Dirt has a bi character, Leo — and, shockingly, he even acts it. [AfterElton]

• A transgender murderer is suing her Massachusetts state prison for failing to pay for her sex change. [OutQ News]

• In case you ever needed a reason to wear boxer briefs. And never thongs. [Slate]

• China pulls The Da Vinci Code after Chinese Catholics claim the film could threaten social stability and become a political liability. [NYT]

• Wondering where the state of gay marriage stands in, uh, your state? Let this bullet-pointed list bring you up to speed. [Newsday]

The Macy’s window display fall out continues. After the jump, find Queerty reader Tyler’s letter to Macy’s condemning their anti-gay position. Have you contacted the retailer? Let’s hear about it.

Dear Macy’s,

While reading the front page of our newspaper in Oregon, I came across a story about Macy’s corporate decision to remove any mannequins that could remotely be associated with the gay population of America. As Macy’s spokeswoman, Elina Kazan quotes, “We believe in diversity,

and our customers are very important to us,” Kazan said. “But (the display) did offend a few of our customers, and we had to re-examine it”. The customers she was specifically referring to belonged to a religious conservative group called MassResistance, whose frequent attempts to purge American society of diversity and culture can only be compared to Hitlers vision of ridding Germany of its minority groups. According to the Family Research Institution (www.familyresearchinst.org), 10% of American men (29,573,413 men based on current population estimates) and 5% of American women (14,786,706 based on current population estimates) are gay. I understand that Macy’s has their best interest in mind by choosing to exclude almost 50 million Americans from their displays in an effort to win the support of a few religious extremist groups. As for the 50 million Americans that you have managed to offend, well who needs their business anyway. We all know that gay people have no sense of fashion and probably never shop for clothes anyway.

The reason I am writing you is that I support equality, even in discrimination. For this reason, I am requesting that Macy’s promptly remove all black colored mannequins from their displays as well. Once again, as Elina Kazan has stated, “But (the display) did offend a few of our customers, and we had to re-examine it” you need to re-examine your displays again for black mannequins also. You see their are still many groups in this country that do not accept black people as being part of Americas social fabric. Some of these groups like the Klu Klux Clan, for instance, are quite large in membership and easily out number smaller religious extremists groups like MassResistance. More importantly, is for you to remove any instances of male and female mannequins together of different shades as this really offends the anti-interracial bigot groups in this country. I am not sure what a Jewish mannequin looks like but if you have any, you should remove those as well. I run a website that garners 5,000 unique visitors every day. I have made this my front page story for the time being. My viewers are very eager to see if you are willing to become an equal opportunity discriminator. Please respond to this letter as soon as possible.

Thank You,
Tyler [redacted]
Talent, Oregon

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