Happy Endings: Well, This Definitely Proves He’s Straight!

• Yet another person has come forward insisting, yes, INSISTING, that Kenny Chesney is not, we repeat, NOT gay. [Fox News]

• Toronto is the first to get what will be a string of condos targeted at gays and lesbians. Sounds great, but if it the interiors don’t look like something straight out of Architectural Digest, we ain’t biting. [Reuters]

Kenny Chesney Lei

• Gay film company Power Up is gearing up for its first feature film. It’s being directed by the lesbian who did But I’m a Cheerleader so you know it’s in good hands. [Reuters]

• With a new HBO documentary, an upcoming Logo sketch show, and now a sitcom in development, Rosie O’Donnell seems to be one busy dyke. [Fox News]

• We knew hardcore evangelicals had a horrible sense of style, we just had no idea it this was this bad. [Wholesomewear via World of Wonder]