WATCH: Hot Guys Strip Down And Do The Harlem Shake


Once again the internet has been ruined by a dance-related meme. Just when you thought it was safe to Gangnam Style in the privacy of your own laptop, here comes the Harlem Shake. We’re not really sue what it is, why it’s here or when it will leave, but we do know that hot dudes have no problem taking their shirts off — and often a lot more — just about anywhere to do it.

At home:

At the library:

In the dorm:

At West Point:

And the Coast Guard Academy:

In a blizzard:

Wherever the hell this is:

This one’s unnecessarily long but featues a lot of bare-chested close-ups so…:

Even Anderson Cooper got into it…sorta:

But the best has to be this one done underwater:

People have way too much time on their hands.

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