Harry Potter and The Curious Salon of Queer Rockstars

How we love keeping track of Equus star Daniel Radcliffe’s adventures in New York. Like The Grand Tour in reverse, the once-and-future Harry Potter has been making the most of his Broadway run: Singing “The Love That Dare Not Speak It’s Neigh” at Gypsy of the Year last week and, over the weekend, attending a welcoming party at the home of photographer Tim Hailand, who introduced young Mr. Radcliffe to the queerterati of New York City, including the Scissor Sisters Jake Shears, Casey Spooner, Justin Bond and Our Lady J. (Alas, Mr. Hailand refuses to let us share the photos from the evening, so Radcliffe’s song and dance is all you get.)

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  • andy

    Is he really that short or are all the others in pictures just very tall? Anyway, Daniel, stay in NYC we love you!

  • mdthom

    I love the beard on Daniel, makes him even cuter.

  • adzomelk

    the beard is sweet isnt it but i want to see his wand

  • Nick

    In the next to last photo he looks like he wants to get fucked. I’ll oblige. And the last pic is just…damn.

    And Andy, he is a shorty. Somewhere around 5’7″ or 5’8″

  • Assumed.Identity

    Two things:

    -When is Mr. Radcliffe coming out.
    -Casey Spooner is starting to look too much like Andrew WK

  • Alexa

    Japhy, that was at Gypsy of the Year last week, not Broadway Bares, which is earlier in the year, before Equus started iirc.

    Get thee to NYC and for $100 a time you can see it nightly until February :)

  • bobito

    for Assumed-Identity, who wants to know when Mr. Radcliffe is going to come out:

    let’s see, he’s an 18 year old movie star (and how do you even know your own preferences at that age, when everybody who is around you wants you?), plays the title role in a seven-movie series which has still got 2 films to premiere, and seems to take his acting career seriously enough to take on a demanding stage role with respected actors… and apparently, he’s savvy enough to not spring into bed with everybody who throws herself/himself at him (since nothing like that has been in the tabloids, and you know there would be if there was even a hint of anything)

    I think you may be waiting a LOOOONG time for that coming-out, my friend, assuming that a coming-out would be appropriate, which I wouldn’t assume.

    I’m quite content with him as a very sympathetic young man who is gracious toward gays, whatever his sexuality. And I admire his commitment to becoming a better actor – with his film success, he didn’t need to worry about that, but he has a sincere desire to actually be good at what he does.

  • Heather

    @andy: I saw the play…he is very short, but the ‘horses’ have about 6 inch high metal hooves on their feet. So, they are incredibly tall. But yes, the man that was Nugget was pretty tall.

  • The Gay Numbers

    He really needs a tanning salon.

  • GranDiva

    @The Gay Numbers:
    No, he doesn’t. White people need to be white, not luggage.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @GranDiva: There is a difference between being white due to race and pale. That kid is pale. He needs a tan. He’s a good looking guy. Just needs some sunlight.

  • Tim Hailand

    @iloveradcliffe: These are MY photos and are NOT to be used on this site – mopping is stealing and punishable by law – remove them immediately or deal with my lawyers.

  • Smokey Martini

    @Tim Hailand:

    I smell a catfight a-brewin’!

  • Carsen T.

    LOL I am pretty sure Dan Rad is at least open to the idea. I mean in one of the interviews he gave for the last Harry Potter film, he said he wanted to be the first gay James Bond. Then Rupert Grint said he wanted to be the first Bond man, which I have to admit I would pay to see.

  • may

    Andy- he’s 5’6″
    The Gay Numbers- he’s English… pale is a way of life… and tanning salons aren’t sunlight, they’re tacky.

  • sparkle obama

    oh my gosh, he is adorable.
    his hips/waist & ass are really well-shaped
    short guys rock!
    i ilke his paleness, too
    he don’t need to “come out”, incidentally.
    he is a young person.
    have some respect.

  • Witty Name

    This kid gives me bi vibes totally, not gay vibes!
    Incidentally, he’s the most charming person ever!

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