Harvey Fierstein Is “Dumbfounded By Stupidity” Of Arizona’s Law Allowing Discrimination

Harvey_Fierstein_3_Shankbone_Metropolitan_Opera_2009Sometimes I am left dumbfounded by the stupidity of politicians and their citizens. One would have thought that Arizona learned its lesson years ago when they passed horrific laws discriminating against their Hispanic community. They lost tourism, and population and the respect of the nation… Well, they are at it again with what they are calling a “Religious Freedom” law that is actually a law that would make discriminating against the gay community lawful. A policeman could say that his religion bans contact with homosexuals and just leave a victim to die. Doctors could refuse service to the LGBT community. A bus driver could throw you off the bus because his bible doesn’t accept homosexuality…It’s the MOST ABSURD AND HATEFUL LAW that anyone has crafted since… I don’t know… maybe the DOM laws? I hope their Governor turns her back on this hatred. If not… oh, my children, if not… We are going to have a lot of fun suing them down to bankruptcy!!!! I’m already looking up flights.”


Entertainer/activist Harvey Fierstein in a message posted on his Facebook page that expressed his indignation at AZ Gov. Jan Brewer is considering signing a law that would allow people to discriminate at will against LGBT people on the grounds of “religious liberty.”


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