WATCH: Harvey Milk, Matthew Shepard Live On In “A World Without Hate”

To celebrate its 100th year, the Anti-Defamation League launched its “Imagine a World Without Hate” video and action campaign, which imagines what victims of violent hate crimes — such as Martin Luther King, Jr, Anne Frank, Harvey Milk and Matthew Shepard — might be up to if their lights were not prematurely extinguished.

It’s pretty powerful stuff.

For more info on the campaign, visit ADL here.

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  • DarkZephyr

    I still remember when Matthew Shepard was killed. I was so young. About the same age he was when he died. It was so sad. I used to go look at his AOL profile a lot after he died. They left it up for a long while.

  • sfbeast

    wow, beautifully well done. made me start crying almost as soon as it started

  • Cam

    The part about the Matthew Sheppard case that got me was something I didn’t learn about until later.

    That was, that when they found him, beaten and almost dead tied to a fence on that freezing morning, after being out there for hours…..that there were tear streaks in the blood on his face. He had been conscious and crying for part of the time after being beaten and left up there.

    The thought of that poor terrified boy beaten unconscious only to drift in and out, crying, freezing, and nobody to hear or help him is one of those things I don’t even want to imagine, and it happened to him. I can’t hear his name without thinking about that and getting sad and angry.

  • tomron

    When I posted to my Facebook page, I warned everyone to have at least 5 tissues handy.
    When we reflect on the tragedy that cut short the lives of those brilliant and lovely people, it gets kind of hard to “IMAGINE”.
    But, we’d best never stop “IMAGINING”!

  • jeff4justice

    Hopefully future generations can emancipation from fear-based control systems of religion and government that perpetuate pitting people against one another.

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