Have No Fear, Is Here

After a year of beta testing, WikiQueer, the Wikipedia for all things LGBT, is finally ready to show its true colors to the world wide web.

“I’d been developing the idea for a queer-specific wiki for a few years,” WikiQueer founder and lead administrator Gregory Varnum told Philly magazine. ”I’ve helped with dozens of pages and projects on Wikipedia and helped start a number of wikis designed for queer-related projects. However, I consistently came back to the need for a wiki by and for the queer community free of any organization politics or turf wars.”

Sean Strub, an inaugural member of WikiQueer’s global advisory board and a founder of Poz magazine, said the site represents modern, accepting attitudes about being gay—and access to information on what being an LGBT person means.

“WikiQueer enables a wealth of information about the LGBT community to be shared,” said Strub. “It’s a far cry from the time—not so many years ago—when looking up ‘homosexual’ in the card catalog at a high school library was so often the first step to finding ourselves and each other. I’m looking forward to the creative ways the growing WikiQueer community will develop and utilize the information we share and collectively own.”