jorge mercado suspect

“He seemed cold yet scared all at once, had no expression whatsoever on his face”


DISPATCH — “I was sitting in the court room later that day which was the only time Juan was seen and ironically when the press had left. Since he had to be present for his future dates. He seemed cold yet scared all at once, had no expression whatsoever on his face. When he realized that there were eight witnesses involved in the case — including Jorge’s father, Luis (Jorge’s Lover), officers and investigators — he became a bit nervous and uneasy. Jorge’s father also made a statement which I was able to capture and record, and translate. Indicating that the killer is using a excuse and ploy, and that he’s using the insanity claim to buy time. Also that he is very sure that Juan Matos knows what he did, remembers what he did, and the way he did it. Jorge’s father also demanded that justice be served in this case.” —Christopher Pagan, who attended the pre-trial hearing for Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado’s alleged murderer Juan Antonio Martínez Matos, in an email to Queerty

Jorge’s father speaks

Prosecutor’s statement after the hearing

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  • sal(the original)

    get him!!!selective memory my arse

  • Keith Kimmel

    Can we execute him yet? We should auction off the right to push the button, pull the trigger, throw the switch (or whatever is needed to start the execution process in PR) and donate the proceeds to an organization that works to decrease homophobia. We could telecast it via Pay Per View, too.

  • Leona

    Two words:

    waxed eyebrows

    This killer obviously has some serious self hatred going on, in a deadly cocktail with rage and other mental issues. But please, the last time any of us saw those waxed clown eyebrows, it was at a club (or on a coworker or friend).

    None of them know better, poor things, but in this one, it’s a sign of deadly stirrings under the surface.

  • Anthony

    @ Leona:

    Every guy gets his eyebrows waxed in PR.

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