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HEADLINES: Burundi’s Gay Crime Law, Britain’s Lez Laureate, Gay in Latvia


BURUNDI Even though the Senate of this tiny central African nation voted against a bill that would criminalize sex between two people of the same gender, President Pierre Nkurunziza (secretly?) signed the bill into law last month. Now the international HIV/AIDS community and gay activists are demanding its repeal. [Kaiser Network]

TALENTED PEOPLE Britain names Carol Ann Duffy as its poet laureate, the first time a woman and an openly gay person has been chosen for the honor. [Guardian]

HATE CRIMES Attacks against gay black men and transgender women are just some of the reasons the Matthew Shepard Act is so important. [Rod 2.0]

EXERCISE Are you a girl who likes other girls and walking? Then find four hours of free time and talk this catered-just-for-you walk through NYC. [Time Out New York]

LATVIA Think American gays have a hard time finding acceptance? Move to Latvia for an experience that’s arguably 100X worse. [Baltic Times]