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HEADLINES: Is Rick Warren Rewriting Wikipedia?

REWRITING HISTORY Is Rick Warren’s camp editing Wikipedia to make him appear less like the homophobe he is? [Bonus Round Blog]

IRELAND Legislators in Dublin have already ruled out the possibility of gay marriage, but domestic partnerships are up for a vote. Not good enough, according to these protesters. [Irish Times]

LIVE FROM STONEWALL Bar patrons at the Stonewall Inn debate gay marriage. [BBC]

JERKS Comparing gay men to pedophiles isn’t flying in Wales. Magistrate Byron Butler, who’s held the position for 30 years, resigned amid the controversy spawned by his comments in a television documentary. [BBC]

DUE EAST Just because its name is Equality California doesn’t mean the gay activist organization is limiting itself to the West Coast. [Sacramento Bee]

DOES NOT COMPUTE Defense Secretary Robert Gates compares Don’t Ask Don’t Tell with the integration of women into the military. That’s a bogus analogy, argues Center for Military Readiness president Elaine Donnelly. [One News Now]