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HEADLINES: Is Rick Warren Rewriting Wikipedia?

REWRITING HISTORY Is Rick Warren’s camp editing Wikipedia to make him appear less like the homophobe he is? [Bonus Round Blog]

IRELAND Legislators in Dublin have already ruled out the possibility of gay marriage, but domestic partnerships are up for a vote. Not good enough, according to these protesters. [Irish Times]

LIVE FROM STONEWALL Bar patrons at the Stonewall Inn debate gay marriage. [BBC]

JERKS Comparing gay men to pedophiles isn’t flying in Wales. Magistrate Byron Butler, who’s held the position for 30 years, resigned amid the controversy spawned by his comments in a television documentary. [BBC]

DUE EAST Just because its name is Equality California doesn’t mean the gay activist organization is limiting itself to the West Coast. [Sacramento Bee]

DOES NOT COMPUTE Defense Secretary Robert Gates compares Don’t Ask Don’t Tell with the integration of women into the military. That’s a bogus analogy, argues Center for Military Readiness president Elaine Donnelly. [One News Now]

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  • sparkle obama

    please stay on the rick warren beat.
    he is at least as compelling a bellweather as miss california (!)
    it’s now clear that warren & co. are trying to rewrite history!
    i want to see warren back on larry king & meet the press.
    make him talk to perez hilton!
    kidding, but i want to see him on the defensive, every week, in the glare of public scrutiny.
    this is what he signed up for when he played the “billy graham” role during the debates and @ the inauguration!
    what is rick warren trying to do, and so *clumsily*??
    queerty, stay on the beat.

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