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HEADLINES: NH Marriage & Trans Rights, Michelle Obama, Naked Japanese Boy Bander


NEW HAMPSHIRE Senate Judiciary Committee recommends killing trans-inclusive anti-discrimination legislation and not legalizing same-sex marriage, both of which the House already approved of. “Democratic Committee Chairwoman Deborah Reynolds, a Democrat, said she doesn’t think New Hampshire is ready for gay marriage. However, the state approved civil unions in 2007.” [WCAX]

MICHELLE Continuing the White House’s very careful orchestration of the Obamas image comes a release about the First Lady attending a welcoming party for John Berry, the new director of the Office of Personnel Management. [WaPo]

NEW YORK State Assembly passes Gender Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA). But they did so last year to, only to see the measure fail when Senate Republicans refused to support it. [GCN]

NAKED BOY BANDS Tsuoyoshi Kusanagi, 34, was arrested after police found him naked, drunk, and screaming in a public park at 3am. He’s a member of SMAP, Japan’s big time boy band, and his blood alcohol level was still 5X over the legal limit some five hours after his arrest. [Newser]


NOT HOT Bristol Palin’s baby daddy Levi Johnston is not hot enough — or simply not well known enough — to be considered model material. Also, he has a tattoo with the word “Bristol” on his finger. Ew. “I have no idea who he is or what he looks like. I wish I knew more about who that is, but my computers are down,” says one model rep. [Vanity Fair]

UNGODLY Dutch Christian television host Arie Boomsma gets suspended from his day job for a revealing magazine photo shoot. [Zephyr]

PHOTO SCANDAL Ray Lam, a candidate for Canada’s New Democratic Opposition Party, resigns over some revealing Facebook photos. [Xtra]