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HEADLINES: The Lesbian Novelist Who Fell In Love With a Gay Writer


• A lesbian novelist who didn’t care for bisexuals meets a gay novelist. Then Stephanie Theobald and Jake Arnott fell in love. [Guardian]

• Out gay Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado, who’s demanding investigations into the deaths of gay Iraqis, says he’s considering introducing an overarching equality bill. [Washington Blade]

• Australian Sean Rich was gay bashed at age 13. And again, at age 20. [Northern Star]

• Tax tips from porn stars reveal how deduct condoms, porn, and lube. [The Sword]

• Speaking of lube, KY isn’t shy about what it can do for you. [Jezebel]

• Gays sign up for “Boot Camp” — but just to get fit, not join the military. But everything is more worthwhile when it has a sexy army theme. [Musto]

[Photo: Linda Nylind/Guardian]